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Lesson Policies
Fingering and Trill Charts
Flute Organizations and Magazines
Music Games and Activities
Computer Music Programs
Opportunities in Boston for Young Musicians
Summer Music Camps
Recommended Flute Methods
Practicing: Tips for Parents

Caring for Your Flute



Fingering Charts
Gemeinhardt Fingering Chart
Armstrong Fingering Chart
Fingering Chart on Keyboard

Nestor Herszbaum Fingering Chart
The Woodwind Fingering Guide
Alternate Fingerings and Piccolo Fingerings

Trill Charts
Gemeinhardt Trill Chart
Armstrong Trill Chart

Flute Organizations and Magazines
Flute Talk Magazine
National Flute Association (Online Publication)--lots of information about the flute and flute playing (Online Publication)--articles, FluteList Radio, etc.

John Wion
Gary Schocker
Robert Dick
Amy Porter
James Galway

Trevor Wye

Emmanuel Pahud

Music Games and Activities
New York Philharmonic Kidzone

Arts Alive

Computer Music Programs
Music Notation Program (Finale Notepad--free download)
Smart Music (an interactive, computer-based practice tool)

Classical Music and Composers
Naxos (composer info., glossary of musical terms, articles on classical music, etc.)
Classical Net
From the Top-a non-profit organization that encourages and celebrates the commitment of young people to music and the arts through a variety of media, including nationally broadcast television and radio shows, education programs and their website.

Opportunities in Boston & Beyond for Young Musicians

New England Conservatory of Music, Preparatory Division (Offers excellent wind ensemble programs)

Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra

Metrowest Youth Symphony Orchestra

Nashoba Youth Orchestra

Worcester Youth Orchestra

Springfield Symphony Youth Orchestra

New England Youth Wind Ensemble at University of Massachusetts Lowell

Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

Rivers School Conservatory

All-State Festival.

Central District Bands

MICCA Solo and Ensemble Festival


Summer Music Camps

BSO Days in the Arts (DARTS)

Music on the Hill (MOTH) at Powers Music School

UMass Lowell Summer Band Camp

Boston University Tanglewood Institute

University of New Hampshire SYMS

Music Institute at Rhode Island College

Waterville Valley Music Center

University of Southern Maine Summer Music Camps

Kinhaven Music School

Eastern U.S. Music Camp

Luzerne Music Center

Interlochen Arts Camp



Day Camps that have music options

Chestnut Hill School Creative Arts and Sports Summer Program

Rivers School Summer Program

Middlesex Summer Arts

Charles River Creative Arts Program

Cambridge School of Weston Summer Program


Recommended Flute Methods

Suzuki Flute School CD, Volumes 1 & 2 - [by Toshio Takahashi, Published by Warner Brothers]

Flute Student (3 volumes) - [by Douglas Steensland And Fred Weber, published by Alfred Publishing]

Studies and Melodious Etudes for Flute (3 volumes) - [by Douglas Steensland, published by Alfred Publishing]

Tunes for Flute Technic (3 volumes) - [by Douglas Steensland, published by Alfred Publishing]

Flute Soloist (3 volumes) - [by Douglas Steensland, published by Alfred Publishing]

Duets for Flute Students - [by Fred Weber And Acton Ostling, published by Alfred Publishing]

A Beginners Book For The Flute (Part 1 and Part 2) - [by Trevor Wye, published by Novello & Co Ltd]

Very First Flute Book - [by Trevor Wye, published by Novello & Co Ltd]

Practice Book For The Flute Volume 4: Intonation And Vibrato - [by Trevor Wye, published by Novello & Co Ltd]

Selected Duets for flute (Vol. 1 and 2) - [by H. Voxman, published by Rubank]

Practicing: Tips for Parents

The following tips for practicing come from, Sound Choices: Guiding Your Child's Musical Experiences by Wilma Machover and Marienne Uszler.

  • "Practicing is a learned skill, so it shouldn't surprise you if your child needs your help . . . You and the teacher will need to be partners as you help your child lean this invaluable skill."
  • "Plan ahead. Your child needs you to help her plan her time."
  • "Same time. Same Station. Every day. Help your child to weave practice into a pleasant daily routine."
  • "Do Not Disturb! Your child needs your help to keep the practice time free of interruptions from siblings, TV, or other distractions."
  • "Sing Praises. Your child needs frequent and honest praise. Praise effort. Praise good posture. Praise knowing the right finger or note. Praise getting to the instrument withought being reminded."
  • "Hear Ye! Be an attentive, appreciative listener."
  • "Use [audio or video recording devices] to monitor progress."

Caring for Your Flute

How to Put a Flute Together
How to Care for Your Flute
How to Clean Your Flute